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Share Your Story on the Consumers Union Website

Consumers Union, which publishes Consumer Reports has, generally, not tested products and filed reports on features that are important to people with hearing loss. However, Consumers Union has established its “Hear Us Now” project that gives voice to consumers who are experiencing problems in the following categories: Internet, TV & Radio, Cable & Satellite, Phones & Cell Phones, and Media Ownership.

If you are experiencing problems regarding telephone, cable and internet services, or equipment, you are invited to “Share Your Story” by going to http://www.hearusnow.org/other/share. The form at that website will enable you to tell about your experiences in dealing with problems, and perhaps solving them, in the listed categories. If you submit a story, Consumers Union may edit it for clarity and return it to you for your approval before publishing your story. Also, by accessing this website, you may learn from the experiences of other consumers.

If people with hearing loss use this communication resource offered by Consumers Union, visibility into the issues faced by this population can be increased. Perhaps, if a sufficient number of stories are submitted, Consumers Union may take an interest in testing and reporting on telecommunications products and services regarding their use by people with hearing loss.

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