Table of Contents

1. Dear Chapter Leader

2. Advocates Needed

3. Dear Chapter Member

4. Here’s How to Make it Happen

5. Comparison of Large Area Assistive Listening Systems

6. FAQs – Baker’s Dozen

7. Best Practices in Hearing Loop Procurement

8. Promoting Loop Installations

9. Houses of Worship and the ADA

10. Church Executive E-Book

11. ADA Standards

12. Signage Flyer

13. Consumer/Vendor Posters

14. Testimonials

15. Tips for Improving Understanding at various events

16. How to Hear Better in Theaters

17. Take this to your audiologist to get T-coil activated

18. J. Audio Eng. Soc. Article – the Preferred Assistive Technology

19. Consumer Perceptions of the Impact ... Hearing Review

20. Sound Communications Article

21. Technologies for Worship Magazine – useful outreach to church

22. Einhorn – Theater-Concert Sound Mixing for People with Hearing Loss

23. Presentation in PDF

24. Generic Loop Advocacy Card